"Responsible Gun Ownership" By Indivisible Ocean Hills

Indivisible Ocean Hills recently posted this article which suggests that progressives start a conversation about “Responsible Gun Ownership” in place of arguments about gun control.    It also includes a great video with George Lakoff and Robert Reich. Here is their article:

"Events this month are all too current and close to our community.  We need to stop talking about gun control and start using the term "Responsible Gun Ownership".  We are NOT asking the hunter to give up his rifle or the camper the pistol they keep nor are we asking a person who uses a gun at a range for target practice to stop.      

We are saying that like 90% of Americans we believe in Responsible Gun Ownership which means full background checks for all sales, a return of the Brady Bill (which restricted the sale of assault weapons and the ammunition used with them), and the restriction of sale of firearms to people with mental illnesses or persons on the Do Not Fly List.      

Please talk to your neighbors and friends, open a dialog, explain the position, use the term Responsible Gun  Ownership.  Ask the questions: “What  does responsible gun ownership mean   to you? What do you plan to do to  ensure that there is Responsible Gun Ownership?"    

Ask every candidate for the 49th district, Republican or Democrat: "Do you support Responsible Gun Ownership?  Have you or will you take money from the NRA?” NRA donations are a defining issue.  Let's use it as a means of determining who we want to represent us in Congress.    

Ocean Hills resident Irwin Schenker shared the following letter, which was written by his friend, Dr. Abbie Youkilis, whose niece was killed last week in Parkland Florida. Please read it, share with your friends and neighbors, let us do what we can to stop the carnage and support Responsible Gun Ownership! 

"Dear America, We buried my brother, Dr. Michael Guttenberg, this past October. He was a 9/11 hero and 16 years later he died of a 9/11 related cancer. Our country came together after the 9/11 terrorist attacks to overcome evil. We fought 2 wars, we subjected ourselves to onerous changes in air travel security, and we willingly gave up civil liberties to give ourselves the illusion of safety.

But we are not safe. This weekend we will bury my niece. Her name is Jaime Guttenberg and she was the 14 year-old daughter of my brother Fred and sister-in-law Jen. She was Jesse’s younger sister. Yesterday, she was murdered by a gun at her high school in Parkland Florida.  Jaime was in the 9th grade. She was a pretty girl with the world’s best smile and her soul was sensitive and compassionate. She was intelligent and feisty and she danced with beauty and grace. She always looked out for the underdog and the bullied and she probably had been kind to the student who shot her. She planned to grow up and become a mommy and an occupational therapist.  

Fred and Jen are the world’s most loving and over-protective parents but they could not protect Jaime from the sickness that has gripped our country. Unless we change, nobody can protect us. My friends and fellow citizens, your guns are not protecting you. Your guns are killing our kids.

Why is your hunting hobby more important than my niece’s life? Don’t you see that your “second amendment” rights have been twisted and distorted beyond any rational interpretation? Why should my niece have been sacrificed at the altar of your “freedoms?” Why don’t you trust our police to protect us from crime? Don’t you realize that mental illness has been and always will be a part of the human condition and that weapons of war should not be available to those among us who dream of mayhem and death? Don’t you see the blood on all of our hands?  

I don’t care that Nikolas Cruz did this. If it had not been him, it would have been some other sad sick young man. I do care that he was able to legally purchase an assault weapon. I do care that the NRA and our so-called political leaders enabled him.   I don’t care if Nikolas spends the rest of his life in jail or gets the death penalty. That will not bring back Jaime and it won’t stop your kids from being the next victims of a “versatile, customizable” deadly weapon of war.

I do care that the NRA is dismantled. I do care that our Congress and our President outlaw these technologically sophisticated tools of murder just like every other civilized country on this planet. Failure to act will make our politicians complicit in Jaime’s murder. I want them to face charges and I want them brought to justice.  

My family does not want your hopes and prayers. We want your action. Join us in fighting the NRA. Join us in deposing any politician who cares more about campaign contributions than my beautiful Jaime. Join us in supporting leaders who will bravely fight for our children’s lives.  

Don’t tell me not to politicize this. Jaime would want me to. This is political and now this is personal. If not now, when? If not us, who? If we don’t finally ACT, the sickness of gun violence will kill us all.  

Sincerely yours,  

Abbie Youkilis, MD

Below is a link to an interview with George Lakoff.  You will find it very helpful in understanding how to discuss the Message of the Month and other issues with Democrats, Republicans and Independents.  Please take the time to view it and share it with others.