Hurry! Time Running Out for April Matching Fundraising Campaign!

You can help Hillcrest Indivisible turn $500 into $1,000 if you act now!

 Indivisible National will match all contributions made in April to Hillcrest Indivisible up to $500!  Don’t miss this opportunity to help us replenish our coffers.  We are almost halfway to our goal with just 13 days left!  


What do we buy with our funds?

·      Venue & Speaker Expenses

·      Postcards & Stamps (communication with legislators)

·      Printing & Copying

·      Poster Board, Markers & Other Supplies


Your Steering Committee members are frugal with HI’s money, we provide our own gas and basic office supplies.  Any amount, no matter how small, will help us reach our goal.

We appreciate your help!!

 Click here to help: